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This includes the right to reproduce all edited images provided by us.  You can print to your hearts content and share with friends and family as much as you like with no hidden costs.  We roughly edit 600-1000 images on a average wedding day consisting of 10-14 hours coverage.


We cover from the minute you are in wedding mode until the drunken antics on the dance floor.  On average our day consists of 10-14 hours coverage on your special day.  We won't mock the first dance or leave the minute you've finished it!


What a great way to get to meet your photographer and get a little insight into their style of photography.  You can even have the edited images to show off to your friends or to announce your big day.


Meet up and talk through your plans and what you have install for your guests.  With years of experience in the industry we like to pass on this to our couples to make sure you have every base covered.  Its also a great opportunity to have a catch up and get to know each other. 


All images provided on a Fully Edited USB stick for you to keep.  This help with ease of printing and a great little keep sake.


With just a £100 deposit to secure your special day, its not going to break the bank, but gives you peace of mind that your wedding photographer is secure.


Great to share your images with friends and family.  With our online gallery you can buy professional prints if you wish and share your images.